All of my fitting services follow the same process, starting with an evaluation on all the relevant aspects of your game. This includes your goals and priorities, your tuition plans, with also any physical limitations or injuries.

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Mitchell® Machines - #1 On Tour Worldwide - 26 Years

The Steelclub® Signature Angle Machine is the latest evolution of the world’s best bending machine and is our best seller. It uses Dual Precision Gauges for measuring and bending loft/lie angles on all irons and face/lie angles hybrids and metal woods. It doubles as a specification gauge that accurately measures loft, lie and face angles simultaneously with its patented measuring gauges.

100% Accurate Measurements | Mitchell Machines have precise measuring gauge assemblies unlike competitors' machines that use travel rods that flex and become loose creating inaccurate and inconsistent readings.

Machine Features:

  • Measures & Bends Iron - Loft & Lie Anglesmitchell iron loft lie machine
  • Measures & Bends Hybrid & Metal Wood - Face & Lie Angles
  • True Face Angle Readings
  • Patented Precision Slide-Bearing Gauges
  • ¼-Degree Increments
  • Precision Machined Steel
  • CNC Milled
  • Black Diamond Powder-Coat Base
  • Measures & Bends In Same Fixture
  • Eliminates Operator Error
  • Easily Bends 17-4 & 431 Stainless Steel
  • Adjust A Set Of Irons In 10 Mins Or Less
  • Dual Precision Gauges For Easy Conversion To Left-Hand
  • Patented Clamping Fixtures
  • Secure Clamping For Precise Bending
  • Non-Marring Clamps
  • Clamps All Iron Heads Quickly
  • Clamps Wide Top Line Irons
  • Clamps Any Sole Radius
  • Clamps Square-Triangular-Round Driver Head Shapes
  • Clamps Hybrid Clubs
  • Completely Assembled

Included With Machine:

  • Angle Charts
  • 27’ Roll Face Fixture Tape
  • Instruction Manual
  • Iron Clamps
  • Metal Wood Clamps
  • Hybrid Clamps
  • 27” Standard Hosel Adjustable Bending Bar
  • 27” Short Hosel Adjustable Bending Bar
  • Heavy Duty 40” Floor Mount Stand (Installation Hardware Included)

Loft & Lie Angles - Irons

The Steelclub® Signature Angle Machine is a precision gauge for measuring and bending loft/lie angles on all irons. A complete set of irons can be measured and adjusted in less then 10 minutes. It clamps all iron sole radiuses and wide top line designs. It easily bends 17-4 and 431 cast stainless steel and forged carbon steel heads. Technicians measure and bend in the same fixture, which eliminates operator error caused from using other measuring devices.

Face & Lie Angles - Hybrids & Metal Woods

Steelclub® Signature Angle Machine is a true face angle measuring gauge. Golf club specification gauges do not properly measure face angles. They do not register the club head in a square, centered, horizontal face attitude. They clamp the shaft and allow the head to seek a face angle position influenced by the sole radius. A true face angle measurement is the angle of the face plane compared to the shaft plane. Only Steelclub® Technology properly registers the club head and measures the shaft plane in relation to the square face plane.
Steelclub® Signature Angle Machine has a universal Top Clamp that works for hybrids and metal woods by flipping the Wood Pad down. Back Clamps fit all sizes and shapes of heads. Unique Sole Fixtures adjust to center club head in the face fixture. A progressive scale for marking center of head is located on front of machine. The sole clamps securely hold hybrids and metal woods without damage. Stainless steel hybrid and metal woods clubs that have polished hosels long enough to accept the Steelclub® Adjustable Short Hosel Bending Bar can be adjusted.
It is recommended to adjust hybrid face angles to a square position to ensure the playing loft is equal to the loft on the sole of the head. Lie angles should be fit to each golfer just like iron clubs.
It is recommended to adjust face angles for drivers and fairway metals in a range from square to 2 degrees open or closed to change ball flight. Metal woods should have similar face angles within the set for consistency. Adjust lie angles to fit golfers just like iron clubs. Some titanium drivers with long hosels can be adjusted.

Use As Spec Gauge For Adjustable Tip Clubs

The new self-adjusting drivers, fairway metals and hybrids can be checked to record the actual adjustments made by repositioning the adapter.



  • Adjustable Quick Clamping Vice
  • Interchangeable Aluminum Grip & Shaft Clamps
  • Frequency Board Pre-Drilled For Vise
  • 205 Gram Shaft Weight
  • Digital Meter With A/C 110 Transformer
  • Club Length Measuring Scale
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The TourGauge® Digital Spec Gauge is the perfect gauge for measuring loft and lie angles. Designed to sit on a countertop in your retail area. Great for measuring loft on specialty wedges, such as 60 degree lob wedges. It is fast and easy to use.

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100% accurate like all TourGauge® Digital Machines. The TourGauge® Digital Spec Gauge utilizes a precision slide-bearing gauge assembly that tracks on a precision ground slide rail for measuring both right- and left-hand irons. Read loft and lie angle measurements in LED display. Loft and lie measured in ¼-degree increments. Great sales tool to sell wedges and iron sets.

Machine Features:

  • Precision Machined
  • CNC Milled Aluminum
  • Precision Slide-Bearing Gauges
  • Accepts Right- & Left-Hand Irons
  • Eliminates Operator Error
  • Accurately Measures Loft/Lie Angles
  • Reads In ¼-Degree Increments
  • Quick & Easy To Use
  • Accurate Club Head Registration
  • Sits On Workbench Or Sales Counter

Mitchell® Machines - #1 On Tour Worldwide - 26 Years

Mitchell® TourGauge® Putter Machines are number one on tour worldwide and will register, clamp and bend - all putters that meet USGA approved designs per Appendix II of the Rules Book.

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100% Accurate Measurements | Mitchell Machines have precise measuring gauge assemblies unlike competitors' machines that use travel rods that flex and become loose creating inaccurate and inconsistent readings.

Mitchell® TourGauge® Putter Machines are CNC machined utilizing a precision ground slide-bearing gauge assembly available with an analog scale or digital LED display that moves from center of the machine to register against the putter shaft. This ensures 100% accuracy with zero tolerance while adjusting for hosel position regardless of offset, non-offset or face progression of all right- and left-hand models: blades, cavity backs and mallets, including today’s latest designs of oversized mallet heads.
Cast, forged, and milled putters made from stainless steel, bronze alloy, brass, aluminum, milled or forged carbon steel and multi-metal designs can be adjusted. The face fixture has a progressive scale for quickly centering the putter head while clamping.

Machine Features:

  • Patented Clamping Fixtures
  • Clamps All Putter Head Styles
  • Magnetized Shaft Cradle
  • Magnetized Sole Clamps
  • Measures Loft/Lie Simultaneously
  • Accepts Right- & Left-Hand Putters
  • Speed Handle Clamping
  • ¼-Degree Increments
  • Patented Precision Slide-Bearing Gauge
  • Analog Scale Right- & Left-Hand
  • LED Display
  • CNC Milled
  • Chrome Base Plate


Based on the 14” lorythmic standard for measuring swing weight the Maltby Digital SwingWeight Scale accurately measures swing weight from the “A” to “F” scale in .1 swing weight point increments.

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The Maltby Digital SwingWeight Scale can measure the weight of individual components and also measures any clubs total weight in pounds, grams and ounces. The clear LCD display quickly displays the desired weight measurement in bold, easy to read high resolution graphics.

  • 14” Fulcrum Scale
  • Weight Club components in pounds, grams and ounces.
  • Leveling legs with bubble indicator
  • Push button calibration
  • AD converter
  • Accurate to 1/10th a swing point


  • I've been working with Luke through the winter in an effort to improve. I can see and feel a progression, so looking forward to the season kicking off. Would highly recommend taking lessons with Luke regardless of how good you think you are, Luke will find improvement.
  • After spending most of my life paying & playing and never once thought of joining a well established club, I joined Canonsbrook Golf Club in Harlow less than 11 months ago with a massive slice and never knowing what I was about to do or what was drastically about to go wrong! After spending just 3 (yes three) lessons with Luke it has finally sunk in,🙏 What he has taught me has brought so much joy, guidance and satisfaction that I have quickly established myself from a 16 handicapper down to a proper Bandit and hitting 40+ points off of 7 and reaping the rewards of having such an excellent pro at at the club! Luke is well worth a go and the outcome will not disappoint, but certainly make you come back for more ⛳️🏌️‍♀️
  • Been going to Luke for several years. Why? Because he’s different class. Keeps a complicated game simple and generally has me hitting it well again within 5 swings! For lessons using the latest tech and fittings for most of the major brands you cannot beat him. Oh and don’t forget any repairs, regripping, loft and lies - every service and all done exactly how you want it and very reasonably priced too. Go visit him at Canons Brook - great pro shop well stocked with everything you need and always a deal on something!

Luke is an Accredited PGA Qualified Golf Professional of 27 years, a Mizuno, Callaway & Titleist Club Fitting Professional and a GolfSmith Europe Certified Advanced Custom Fitting Specialist...

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