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My aim is to achieve instant results and success to your golf and a committment to offering you a service, second to none, which

Will lead to a reduced handicap and improved consistency.

Custom fit consultation


All of my fitting services follow the same process, starting with an evaluation on all the relevant aspects of your game. This includes your goals and priorities, your tuition plans, with also any physical limitations or injuries.

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shaft holders fitting shaftsThis process includes an analysis of your current clubs, an examination of your heads, shafts, grips and golf ball. This will highlight if your set is consistent with specifications like swingweight, loft & lie angles and frequency of the shafts.

This data is essential to the assessment of the suitability of your current clubs are to giving you the best performance and golfing potential.

The performance or your current clubs is monitored by our GC Quad Launch Monitor, showing the club head speed, ball speed, launch conditions, carry distance, total spin and ball flight.

All of this data is captured and the result is shown on the simulated screen for every shot.

An instant comparison of how each club is performing dynamically, with how you swing is shown and can be saved for future reference.

With the aid of interchangeable heads & shafts from leading manufacturers puts your golf into numerous combinations, we can find a better solution and giving an accurate and precise fitting.

Using the GC Quad Launch Monitor we then show you the improvement with the club we have recommended.

I have access to Mizuno, Callaway & Ping Fitting Equipment.

My aim is to achieve instant results and success to your golf and a committment to offering you a service, second to none, which

will lead to a reduced handicap and improved consistency.

Shaft Matrix Fitting Kits

Shaft Matrix Fitting Kits

More Enjoyment


Greater Confidence


Increased accuracy


Increased distance


Exceptional Control


Greater Consistency

Club Handover Session

Once your clubs have been delivered by the manufacturer there will be a fifteen minute handover to ensure you are delighted with your purchase.

After 1 month from date of collection you have the opportunity to visit us and have a 15 minute check on your new clubs as a further testiment to what we offer you.


  • Fantastic results following lessons with Luke, Most recently a putting lesson where he analysed the path and face angle and made instant improvements which have paid dividends on the course.
  • I've been working with Luke through the winter in an effort to improve. I can see and feel a progression, so looking forward to the season kicking off. Would highly recommend taking lessons with Luke regardless of how good you think you are, Luke will find improvement.
  • After spending most of my life paying & playing and never once thought of joining a well established club, I joined Canonsbrook Golf Club in Harlow less than 11 months ago with a massive slice and never knowing what I was about to do or what was drastically about to go wrong! After spending just 3 (yes three) lessons with Luke it has finally sunk in,🙏 What he has taught me has brought so much joy, guidance and satisfaction that I have quickly established myself from a 16 handicapper down to a proper Bandit and hitting 40+ points off of 7 and reaping the rewards of having such an excellent pro at at the club! Luke is well worth a go and the outcome will not disappoint, but certainly make you come back for more ⛳️🏌️‍♀️

Luke is an Accredited PGA Qualified Golf Professional of 27 years, a Mizuno, Callaway & Titleist Club Fitting Professional and a GolfSmith Europe Certified Advanced Custom Fitting Specialist...

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