When it comes to golf equipment and shafts, we are the experts. All our clubs are hand built by the manufacturers we use, we have most of the major brands without being affiliated to any particular one; we test utilising perfect conditions in our indoor golf studio; clubs will have a complete check when they arrive from the manufacturer to make sure they are 100% correct; guaranteed results. Believe us, we leave no stone unturned and take utmost pride in what we do.

Some places fit for free or give the fitting charge back if you buy from them. We didn’t want to compromise the quality of what we do, just so we could fit for free.

I have a lot of customer feedback and testimonials in regards to my services, please click here to view.

This depends on what clubs you want to get custom fitted for. The Custom Fit lasts from 1 hour and costs from £50 and you will be fitted for selected service. If you are travelling a distance or from overseas and wish to book a longer custom fit, please get in touch so we can talk about your options [email protected].uk

After testing your current clubs against our fitting clubs, you will have experienced how our clubs perform and have an understanding of how we can help your game. At the end, you get a list of the clubs and shafts we believe will work best for you and how much they will cost. Following your order and deposit, your order goes into the manufacturers build schedule. Approximately 5-7 working days later, your order is ready.

We have plenty of experience working with low handicappers but each time it’s always a welcome challenge. We know exactly how clubs help in the serious golfer’s pursuit of their very best game. After all, we’ve worked with European Tour players with the highest level of talent in the World: helping top players grab that vital extra shot per round. We have all the tricks of the trade and we are experts at applying it. We bring structure, delivering more consistent and accurate clubs to help low handicappers win more. It’s that simple.

Absolutely! High handicappers have the most to gain from custom fitting and have the shots to lose off their handicap by playing our clubs. Our session is all about the type of person you are and not about how many shots it takes you to go round your golf course. We need to measure you to find out what gives you the most trouble and then fix it through the clubs you use. It’s a bit like saying that if you’re a size 9 foot then you need us to measure you properly and get you a size 9 shoe. Our measuring service makes you play better.

In our workshop we can repair all types of broken golf clubs. We can carry out reshafts for all the golf brands. Loft and Lie adjustments on 99.9% of models and offer a full range of grips for regripping.

The price really depends on the brand and the shaft that are the best for you. We can sometimes be a little more expensive than online suppliers or superstores even though we are very competitively priced, but that’s because we pride ourselves on the most bespoke service for guaranteed results. It’s like they say, ” At the end of the day, you get what you pay for”.

We normally ask for a 50% deposit for any of our custom orders.

We insist on a very level playing field. We work with Mizuno, Callaway, Titleist and TaylorMade. We also have shafts from Aldila, Fujikura, UST, Grafalloy, Mitsushiba,True Temper, Nippon, FST/KBS and grips from Golf Pride and Lamkin.


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15 November 2022
Once your clubs have been delivered by the manufacturer there will be a fifteen minute handover to ensure you are delighted with your purchase. After 1 month from date of collection you have the opportunity to visit us and have a 15 minute check on y...
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Individual Lessons ~ £40 (30 minutes), £50 (45 minutes) In conjuction with the Golf Coach Systems Analysis Software, the captured swing video is then played through the computer for the pupil to view from which Luke can do the following..... - Play, ...
15 November 2022
 Individual Lessons ~ £40 (30 minutes) / £50 (45 minutes) At the heart of the GC QUAD is a stereoscopic camera system that precisely captures and analyzes ball characteristics at the most critical point of measurement - club impact - to deliver ...


  • I've been working with Luke through the winter in an effort to improve. I can see and feel a progression, so looking forward to the season kicking off. Would highly recommend taking lessons with Luke regardless of how good you think you are, Luke will find improvement.
  • After spending most of my life paying & playing and never once thought of joining a well established club, I joined Canonsbrook Golf Club in Harlow less than 11 months ago with a massive slice and never knowing what I was about to do or what was drastically about to go wrong! After spending just 3 (yes three) lessons with Luke it has finally sunk in,🙏 What he has taught me has brought so much joy, guidance and satisfaction that I have quickly established myself from a 16 handicapper down to a proper Bandit and hitting 40+ points off of 7 and reaping the rewards of having such an excellent pro at at the club! Luke is well worth a go and the outcome will not disappoint, but certainly make you come back for more ⛳️🏌️‍♀️
  • Been going to Luke for several years. Why? Because he’s different class. Keeps a complicated game simple and generally has me hitting it well again within 5 swings! For lessons using the latest tech and fittings for most of the major brands you cannot beat him. Oh and don’t forget any repairs, regripping, loft and lies - every service and all done exactly how you want it and very reasonably priced too. Go visit him at Canons Brook - great pro shop well stocked with everything you need and always a deal on something!

Luke is an Accredited PGA Qualified Golf Professional of 27 years, a Mizuno, Callaway & Titleist Club Fitting Professional and a GolfSmith Europe Certified Advanced Custom Fitting Specialist...

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